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When our parents were young, cars were simple and service was superb.  With every fill of the gas tank, the serviceman would check your tires, add oil if needed, clean your windshield and, in general, make sure you were safe for the road. 

Cars are a lot more complicated than they were in those days.  Today, it's not unusual for a car to have 20 computers controlling everything from the engine timing to the temperature of the drivers seat.  The level of training and expertise required to fix today's cars is much higher than ever before.

At My Car Guy, we strive to maintain the highest level of automotive expertise, while not forgetting the person behind the wheel.  You are our highest concern, and serving you is our greatest pleasure.



My Car Guy is owned and operated by ASE certified Master Technician, Lee Mitchell.  Lee has been working on cars as a hobby as long as he can remember and has worked in the auto service industry for over 30 years.  After moving to Clinton in 2001, Lee worked in Knoxville at an independent auto repair facility.  After years of commuting, and at the urging of several friends who wanted dependable auto repair near their homes, Lee decided to open a shop of his own in Clinton in 2009.   As a dedicated family man, Lee understands how important it is to make sure that his customers are driving safe, dependable cars - after all you each are carrying "precious cargo" of your own (as his mother-in-law would say).  


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